• Solar Energy Market Trends in 2019

    Although the global solar photovoltaic (PV) market surfed turbulent waters in 2018, many reports promise the industry will see a great positive shift in the year ahead. With a push to hold companies accountable for their environmental impact, a global spike in energy demand and a common need for easy sustainable solutions, more countries are rising to the occasion and implementing smart grid technologies that make use of solar power.
  • OmniCable Launches E-Commerce Product Availability

    OmniCable is proud to announce that its online customers now have access to product availability.
  • Employee Spotlight: Nikki Schuhl

    You will never find a bigger Philadelphia sports fan than our Nikki!
  • OmniCable Opens Branch in Toronto, Canada

    Omni Cable Corporation (OmniCable), headquartered in West Chester, PA, is proud to announce the opening of its first branch outside of the United States located in Toronto, Canada.
  • Are You Utilizing OmniCable For Utility Projects? Now Stocking Tracer Wire

    Many of you may be working on utility projects this spring and summer, and OmniCable has your back. OmniCable’s warehouses are in full bloom with wire & cable products, value-added services, and solutions for your utility project, including the newly added tracer wire.
  • Employee Spotlight: Emmett Mauer

    Meet Emmett Mauer, an avid sports fan and restaurant connoisseur!
  • Education & Empowerment at the Philadelphia Women in Leadership Symposium

    On Friday, March 1, 2019, OmniCable’s women employee-owners attended the 2019 Philadelphia Women in Leadership Symposium in celebration of Women’s History Month and to support fellow employee-owner Cora Walker, VP of Human Resources, who was a panelist at the conference.
  • Employee Spotlight: Gary Balbach

    Meet Gary Balbach, our technically savvy, sci-fi loving IT guru!
  • OmniCable Employee-Owners Show They Care by Raising $25,000 for Charities

    Omni Cable Corporation (OmniCable), kicked off its first-ever employee-owner giving campaign in mid-January 2019 generating over $25,000 for more than 65 charity organizations. The money pledged went to charities such as American Cancer Society National, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, World Wildlife Fund, and more.
  • OmniCable Celebrates National Employee Appreciation Day

    National Employee Appreciation Day is observed on the first Friday in March with the purpose to recognize all the hard working employees. As an employee-owned company, OmniCable values its employees daily. But in honor of this special day, OmniCable managers went the extra mile to recognize their teams by hosting lunch, team building activities, and additional tokens of their appreciation by thanking their employees.
  • The Fourth Revolution & Industrial Ethernet

    Do you know what the fourth industrial revolution is? Have you heard that term before? According to Mike Bayda, Industrial Business Manager, Nexans, “Today, we are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by the introduction of cyber-physical systems—a mechanism controlled or monitored by computer-based algorithms tightly integrated with the Internet and its users.”
  • Employee Spotlight: Monty English

    Meet Monty English, our outdoorsy family man whose PASSION for his CUSTOMERS is the reason why he is in this business!
  • Industrial Ethernet Zones for Industrial Spaces

    Are you confused on where Industrial Ethernet cable should be placed in harsh industrial conditions? Nexans has a great infograph in where they identify 3 main “zones” of harsh conditions for industrial spaces.
  • The Perfect Match <3 - OmniCable + Fire Alarm Cable = Life Safety

    Because we value electrical distributors, we strive to provide exceptional service and products. That is why we have introduced RED jacketed STRANDED Fire Alarm Cable into our product mix. Stranded Fire Alarm is made to the same construction and carries the same ratings as our standard solid Fire Alarm series, but it's easier to bend and install vs. the solid version!
  • Industrial Ethernet for OT Environments – Cable Types & Trends

    Over the past few years, Industrial Ethernet has been the cable of choice for contractors working in the industrial/operational technology (OT) environment (machine, robot, and other factory automation). Understanding that your customers should use Industrial Ethernet for the above applications over alternative cables is one thing, understanding what type of Industrial Ethernet cable (enterprise cable, conventional industrial cable or bonded-pair industrial cable) to prevent network failure is another.
  • Early Spring? Late Winter? OmniCable Has You Covered

    Good ole Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow this year… Do you know what that means? EARLY SPRING perhaps? Although we all want spring to arrive sooner than expected this year, don't COUNT on the winter weather melting away just quite yet! One thing YOU CAN COUNT ON to get you through the rest of the winter season and ongoing projects is OmniCable and its value-added services! OmniCable is here when you need us the most.
  • Atlanta Georgia Inventory Increased

    As a commitment to electrical distributors, our Atlanta branch has increased their inventory by 85% with the installation of their new warehouse racking system – check it out for yourself!
  • Aluminum Building Wire: Products and When You Will Need It

    With a steady construction market, aluminum building wire will be requested by a number of your customers to be used in the wiring for a residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects. As our commitment to product diversification and exceptional service to electrical distributors, OmniCable is now stocking several types of aluminum building wire products.
  • Aluminum Building Wire: Overview and Value Added Services

    OmniCable proudly sells Aluminum Building Wire nationwide. Our offerings include XHHW Wire, Feeder MC, Secondary Underground, Service Entrance, and Mobile Feeder Home.
  • OmniCable RVP, Mark Serafino, Has Article Published in January's EW

    Congratulations to Mark Serafino, OmniCable RVP, for publishing his article, “What's YourWhat's Your Target Word Count Target Word Count?” in the January issue of Electrical Wholesaling!