OmniCable is a Premier Redistributor Partner of Belden

As recently announced, Belden plans to launch a new Global Partner Program in Q3 Belden Omni Premier Redistributor2020. OmniCable has been selected to continue its strong relationship with Belden as a premier redistributor partner of Belden products as part of this program.

Belden values OmniCable as a partner because of OmniCable's:

  • Unwavering commitment to selling exclusively to distributors
  • Strong partnership approach with suppliers
  • Focus on domestic cable manufacturers
  • Commitment to the Belden brand and other strong brands

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Why should electrical distributors choose to purchase from OmniCable?

  • We have 14 locations with the largest inventory investment that is 100% dedicated to electrical distributors
  • We never have and never will sell direct (do you have that peace of mind from other redistributors?)
  • You always have - and can continue to - trust us to ship directly to your customers
  • We are not owned by a competitor to electrical distributors
  • We are active participants and members of all major industry groups and organizations

With a multi-million dollar inventory from the leading manufacturers, we empower the industry to be successful by providing competitive pricing and significant inventory investments for same-day shipping and large projects.

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