REV Up Your Industrial Ethernet Connectors with Belden's REVConnect RJ45

Performance, reliability, and time-to-install are not always on your side when selectingREVConnect connectors for Industrial Ethernet field-termination.  Bonded-pair technology can be specifically difficult to terminate.  Belden has found that customer pain points include:

  • Current industrial connectors are not user-friendly
  • Connections can be unreliable and require re-termination
  • When sourcing components, connectors are an afterthought
  • As a result, commercial-rated connectors are used in industrial environments; this creates problems with performance and reliability

To help REV up the field-termination process and performance reliability, OmniCable has a solution for your customers – Belden’s Industrial REVConnect RJ45 Connectors.

Why REVConnect RJ45 Connectors?

Industrial REVConnect RJ45 Connectors offers an efficient field-termination solution with a superior insulation piercing mechanism and EMI protection for the utmost network reliability. Industrial REVConnect RJ45 connectors support conductors from 22AWG to 24AWG.

RevConnect ConnectorsLet’s take a look at some of the other benefits of Belden’s Industrial REVConnect RJ45 Connectors:

• Saves installation time in the field with a single crimp tool.

• Skill-independent, <1% re-termination rate vs 9-10%.

• Avoids downtime due to a reliable connection.

Want more information? Access OmniCable’s printable pdf with part numbers.

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