Military Specification

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J-C-90Flexible cord and fixture wire.
J-C-741Rubber and/or neoprene welding cable.
MIL-C-17RG Cables-polyethylene and Teflon® TFE cores.
MIL-C-442Two conductor parallel cable (rip cord).
MIL-C-307850 volt single conductor cable.
MIL-C-3432300 and 600 volt rubber insulated power and control cable.
MIL-C-4866RG-62B/U cable.
MIL-C-5756Rubber insulated, portable power cable TFE cores
MIL-C-10369Cable, telephone field for rapid payout.
MIL-C-11060Twisted pairs using general purpose hook-up wire.
MIL-C-12064Low temperature power cable and cords for Arctic service.
MIL-C-13777Flexible, portable multiconductor cables for interconnecting various units of complex weapons systems where voltages do not exceed 600 volts RMS.
MIL-C-19381Cable, telephone switchboard (cables and cable assemblies).
MIL-C-19547Telephone and telegraph signal cables in shore communication stations and facilities.
MIL-C-21609600 volt multiconductor cable
MIL-C-23437Cable, electrical, shielded parts.
MIL-C-27072Non portable multiconductor cable for electronic circuits.
MIL-C-38359(USAF)-Power cable of two voltage range for airport lighting #8 AWG (3,000-5,000V) XLP insulated.
MIL-W-76General purpose hook-up wire for internal wiring of electronic equipment. Temperature range -40° C to 80°C vinyl types LW, MH, HW for service up to 2500 volts, polyethylene type HF, 1000 volts.
MIL-W-3861Copper conductors (uninsulated). Solid, bunches, concentric and rope constructions.
MIL-W-5086600 volt aircraft wire using copper conductors.
MIL-W-5845Iron and Constantan thermocouple wire.
MIL-W-5846Chromel@ and Alumel@ thermocouple wire.
MIL-W-5908Copper and Constantan thermocouple wire.
MIL-W-7139600 volt Teflon® TFE tape insulated wire for aircraft and missile use.
MIL-W-8160Installation of wiring in guided missiles.
MIL-W-12410General purpose hook-up wire. Similar to MIL-W-76.
MIL-W-13241Copper conductors (uninsulated).
MIL-W-1600General specification for electronic equipment. Naval ship and shore.
MIL-W-16878Military specification, covering unshielded wire for hook-up and lead wiring of electronic and electrical components and equipment.
MIL-W-22759Teflon® TFE insulated hook-up wire. (can supply wires meeting MS-21985 and MS-21986 in sizes #18 to #28 AWG).
MIL-W-27300600 volt aircraft wire with Teflon® TFE insulation.
MIL-W-81044Irradiated wire for aircraft and hook-up (Polyalkene and polyvinylidene fluoride Kynar®).
MIL-W-81381Wire, electric polymide insulated copper and copper alloy (Kapton, H- film).
NAS-702General purpose vinyl insulated hook-up wire for 105°C operation.
NAS-703High temperature general purpose Teflon® TFE insulated wire. Similar to types E and EE of MIL-W-16878.