Comparative Properties of Insulation: Plastic

P = Poor    |    F = Fair    |    G = Good   |    E = Excellent    |    O = Outstanding

Above ratings are based on average performance of compounds. Any specific property can often be improved by the use of selection compounding. Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont

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Acid ResistanceG to EG to EG to EP to FEFG to EE
Abrasion ResistanceGEF to GEF to GOF to GG to E
Alcohol ResistanceEEEPEPGE
Alkali ResistanceG to EG to EG to EEEFGE
Benzol (Aromatic Hydrocarbons) ResistancePPPGP to FPP to FE
Degreaser Solvents (Halogenated Hydrocarbons)PPPGPPP to FE
Electrical PropertiesEEEFEP to FF to GE
Flame ResistancePPPPPPEO
Gasoline, Kerosene (Aliphatic Hydrocarbons) ResistanceP to FP to FP to FGP to FFPE
Heat ResistanceG to EEGEEGG to EO
Low Temperature FlexibilityEEG to EGPGP to GO
Nuclear Radiation ResistanceGGGF to FFGP to GO
Oil ResistanceG to EG to EG to EEEEPO
Oxidation ResistanceEEEEEEEO
Ozone ResistanceEEEEEEEE
Water ResistanceEEEP to FEPEE
Weather – Sun ResistanceEEEEEF to GG to EO