Corrugated Armor

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15kV - CCW Armored Power, 133%, Shielded, 3/C

Part #: XMVE32/003

Continuously Corrugated Welded Cable – CCW®
133% EPR Insulation – PVC Jacket
105°C – UL Type MC-HL or MV-105
15kV – 3-Conductor – Shielded

Category Conductor Description Bare annealed copper per ASTM B3 Compact stranding per ASTM B496
Extruded Strand Shield Extruded thermoset semi-conductor stress control layer over conductor per ICEA S-93-639 and UL 1072
Category Insulation Description Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR)
Extruded Insulation Shield Thermoset semi-conducting polymeric layer, free stripping from the insulation per ICEA S-93-639 and UL 1072
Grounding Conductor Class B stranded bare annealed copper grounding conductor Sized in accordance with UL 1072 and NEC Article 250
Shield 5 mil annealed bare copper tape with 25% overlap Color coded polymeric identification tape laid under the shield: Black, Red, & Blue
Armor Impervious, continuously welded and corrugated aluminum alloy sheath
Category Jacket Description Flame-retardant, moisture and sunlight resistant Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), red Low temperature performance meets ASTM D746 brittleness temperature at or below 40°C
  • For use in feeders and branch circuits in industrial power distribution systems per NEC articles 328 and 330 Approved for Classes I, II and III, Divisions 1 and 2; and Class I, Zones 1 and 2, hazardous locations covered under NEC Articles 501, 502, 503 and 505 Installed on metal racks, troughs, in raceways, in cable trays or secured to supports spaced no more than 6 feet apart Installed in both exposed and concealed work, wet or dry locations, directly buried or embedded in concrete
  • UL 1072 UL 1569 UL 2225 UL 1309 IEEE 1202 available upon request

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