Corrugated Armor

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2.4kV - CCW Armored Power, Nonshielded, 3/C VFD

Part #: XMVE125003

UL Type MC-HL or MV-90, EPR
Cable Tray Use, Sunlight-Resistant, Direct Burial, ABS CWCMC

Category Conductor Description Bare annealed copper per ASTM B3 Compact stranding per ASTM B496
Extruded Strand Shield Extruded thermoset semi-conductor stress control layer over conductor per ICEA S-96-659 and UL 1072
Category Insulation Description 90 mils Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) per ICEA S-96-659 and UL 1072 Insulation is printed 1-Black, 2-Red, and 3-Blue for phase identification
Grounding Conductor Three split Class B stranded bare annealed copper grounding conductors Sized in accordance with UL 1072 and NEC Table 250.122
Armor Continuous, impervious, welded, corrugated aluminum armor
Category Jacket Description Flame-retardant, moisture and sunlight resistant Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), yellow Low temperature performance meets ASTM D746 brittleness temperature at or below 40°C
  • Variable Frequency Drives: 3-conductor CCW armored cables with 3 symmetrical grounding wire are the preferred wiring method for use with AC motors controlled by pulse-width modulated inverters in VFD applications
  • For use in feeders and branch circuits in industrial power distribution systems per NEC articles 328 and 330
  • Approved for Classes I, II and III, Divisions 1 and 2; and Class I, Zones 1 and 2, hazardous locations covered under NEC Articles 501, 502, and 503
  • Installed on metal racks, troughs, in raceways, in cable trays or secured to supports spaced no more than 6 feet apart
  • Installed in both exposed and concealed work, wet or dry locations, directly buried or embedded in concrete

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