Bare Copper

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*Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

    Solid Bare Tinned Copper

    Solid Conductor
    Tinned Copper

    Available In Soft drawn (annealed), medium hard drawn, and hard drawn
    • Used in electrical grounding systems and in overhead electrical transmission and distribution systems
    • REA Approved Federal Standard QQ-W-343 ASTM B-1 (Hard Drawn) ASTM B-2 (Medium Hard Drawn) ASTM B-3 (Soft or Annealed) ASTM B-33 (Tinned Soft or Annealed)

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    Part Number Table

    Part # Gauge Outside Diameter Inches Material Weight (Lbs./M')
    Q20801 8 .1290 50
    Q20601 6 .1620 80
    Q20401 4 .2040 126
    Q20201 2 .2580 201

    Note: The data shown is approximate and subject to standard industry and manufacturer tolerances