Lutron and Low Voltage Lighting

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Composite Cable - 300V Plenum rated CL3P

Composite Cable
75°C, 300 Volt
Plenum rated

Construction 3 Parts: 12 AWG stranded BC 2C, Unshielded (POWER & COMMON) plus 18 AWG stranded BC 1C, Unshielded (SENSE LINE) plus 22 AWG stranded BC 1 Pr, Shielded (MUX DATA) Cabled and Jacketed Overall
Category Conductor Description Stranded bare copper
Category Insulation Description 12 AWG 2C POWER & COMMON: LS-PVC 18 AWG 1C SENSE LINE: LS-PVC 22 AWG 1 Pr MUX DATA: Fluropolymer
Shield Drain (MUX DATA PAIR) Foil shield, foil in; 24 AWG stranded tinned copper drain wire
Category Jacket Description LS-PVC; White with royal blue stripe
  • Wiring for lighting control system devices
  • Compatible with Lutron lighting systems
  • 75°C, 300 Volt
  • Plenum Rated
  • UL Type CL3P
  • RoHS Compliant

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Part Number Table

Part # Outside Diameter Inches Material Weight (Lbs./M')
LT2-46L-5 0.242 74

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