24 AWG – 7×32 Stranded Tinned Copper – Fluoropolymer

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24 AWG – 7×32 Stranded Tinned Copper – Fluoropolymer

Part #: G62402

Stranded Tinned Copper
Twisted Pairs
Fluorocopolymer Jacket

Category Conductor Description Stranded tinned copper with overall foil shield
Category Insulation Description Foam Flouropolymer
Shield Drain Individual aluminum/polyester foil shield with 100% coverage
Category Jacket Description Gray, Fluoropolymer
  • Used for computers, communications, instrumentation, sound, control, audio, and data transmissions
  • Designed to protect signal integrity under critical conditions by reducing noise
  • Features include low dielectric constant and a dissipation factor for high speed, low distortion data handling
  • Physical properties include good crush resistance and light weight
  • CMP/CL2P
  • 150°C temperature rating

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Part Number Table

Part # Gauge Pairs Stranding Insulation Thickness Jacket Thickness Outside Diameter Inches Nominal Capacitance Material Weight (Lbs./M')
G62402 24 2 7x32 0.015 0.017 0.189 11.8 pF/ft. 24.3
G62403 24 3 7x32 0.015 0.02 0.261 11.8 pF/ft. 40

Note: The data shown is approximate and subject to standard industry and manufacturer tolerances