Fiber Optic

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OCC Plenum Breakout Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber 900μm, Tight Buffered Optical Fiber
Category Jacket Description Indoor/Outdoor Fluoropolymer Sequential footage markings Orange jacket - Multimode fibers (except 10Gbps) Aqua jacket - 10Gbps multimode fibers Yellow jacket - Single Mode fibers
Central Strength Member Aramid strength member
  • Ideal for installations requiring an extremely rugged and reliable cable design where maximum mechanical and environmental protection are required.
  • Installed in ducts, plenums, and air handling spaces.
  • Easiest cable to install where direct termination of the subcable to a connector and a direct run to panels and equipment are desired.
  • UL 1651
  • ANSI/NFPA 262
  • GR-409-CORE
  • ICEA-S-104-696
  • ICEA-S-83-596
  • TIA-568
  • TIA-598

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Part Number Table

Part # Fiber Count Fiber Grade Outside Diameter Inches Material Weight (Lbs./M') Max Tensile Load Install Max Tensile Load In Service
OCBX006KSLX9YP 6 Single Mode, Plenum 0.29 41 540 130
OCBX006KALT9QP 6 50/125μm OM3, Plenum 0.29 41 540 130
OCBX012KSLX9YP 12 Single Mode, Plenum 0.394 71 1080 270
OCBX012KALT9QP 12 50/125μm OM3, Plenum 0.394 71 1080 270

Note: The information in this specification sheet is approximate and subject to standard industry and manufacturer tolerances.  Please verify specific requirements with your OmniCable account manager