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    Lo-Cap® RS-232 & RS-422 Multi Pair - Overall Shield

    Part #: D712402

    Low Cap RS-232 & RS-422 Multi Pair - Overall Shield Lo-Cap® Polypropylene Insulation

    Category Conductor Description Tinned copper
    Category Insulation Description Lo-Cap® Polypropylene insulated with twisted pairs
    Shield 100% Flexfoil® aluminum-polyester shield with a stranded tinned copper drain wire
    Category Jacket Description Gray PVC
    • Paired cables allow balanced signal transmission which results in lower crosstalk through common mode rejection
    • Datalene insulation features are low dielectric constant and a dissipation factor for high speed, low distortion data handling
    • Physical properties include good crush resistance and light weight
    • NEC CM
    • CEC CM
    • 30 Volt

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