16c (#22-3pr, #18-4c, #22-6c), Shielded, CMP, Banana Peel® #BEL658AFS

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    16c (#22-3pr, #18-4c, #22-6c), Shielded, CMP, Banana Peel®

    Part #: BEL658AFS
    Cable Type Belden
    Category Belden
    Category Applications Access Control, Access Control Doors, Lock Power, Card Reader, Door Contract, REX/Spare
    Category Insulation Description LS PVC - Low Smoke Polyvinyl Chloride
    Conductor Material Bare Copper
    Conductors 16
    Gauge 22
    Inner Jacket LS PVC - Low Smoke Polyvinyl Chloride
    NEC/(UL) Specification CMP
    Outer Shield Material 1 Aluminum/Polyester
    Product Category Access Control
    Product Short Description

    Access Control Cable, Plenum-CMP, 3-22 AWG pairs, 4-18 AWG conductors, 4-22 AWG conductors, 2-22 AWG conductors, All conductors stranded bare copper with Flamarrest® insulation, Each cable has overall Beldfoil® shield and Flamarrest® jacket, Banana Peel® No overall jacket

    Search Results Title 16c (#22-3pr, #18-4c, #22-6c), Shielded, CMP, Banana Peel®
    Shield Foil(s) or Copper Tape(s)
    Stranding 7x30
    Stranding Material Bare Copper - Stranded
    Voltage Rating 300V

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