Medium Voltage

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15kv URD

TR-XLP Insulation - LDPE Jacket
Full Neutral - Copper Conductor
15kV - URD - 133% Insulation Level

Category Conductor Description Soft-annealed uncoated copper compressed class B stranding
Conductor Shield Semi-conducting Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE)
Category Insulation Description Tree-retardant cross-linked Polyethylene (TR-XLPE)
Insulation Shield Semi-conducting Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE)
Category Jacket Description Black sunlight resistant low density Polyethylene (LDPE) encapsulating the neutral wires The outer jacket shall have three extruded red stripes (120 degrees apart) for identification
  • For use in underground residential distribution, as primary power cable in single-phase systems direct buried or underground in duct
  • ICEA S-94-649 AEIC CS8

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Part Number Table

Part # Gauge Stranding Insulation Thickness Neutral AWG Outside Diameter Inches Material Weight (Lbs./M')
MVX30201C 2 7 220 mils 16x14 1.0700 751
MVX30101C 1 19 220 mils 13x12 1.1400 904
MVX31/001C 1/0 19 220 mils 16x12 1.1800 1051
MVX32/001C 2/0 19 220 mils 13X10 1.2700 1284
MVX33/001C 3/0 19 220 mils 16X10 1.3200 1512
MVX34/001C 4/0 19 220 mils 16X9 1.4000 1830

Note: The data shown are approximate and subject to standard industry and manufacturer tolerances