Cable Accessories

Omni Cable stocks a full line of fittings to compliment your wire and cable orders.  Our fittings are stocked nationwide and are compatible with armored cable, tray cable, and portable cord.  Armored cable fittings provide means for passing armored, metal clad, jacketed or unjacketed through a bulkhead or enclosure in hazardous locations.  Tray cable fittings provide strain relief for cables entering enclosures or raceways, and for cords used on portable equipment.  Portable cord fittings provide a adequate strain relief and a liquid tight connection to flexible cord or cable entering an enclosure.

Medium Voltage Splices, Terminations, & Elbows
Omni Cable also stocks a full line of Raychem Heat-Shrink and Tool-Free splices and terminations, as well as 200 and 600 AMP elbows.  Heat shrink splices and terminations are designed to withstand rigorous conditions and require a torch for installation.  Tool-free terminations offer similar durability but do not require any tools for installation.  Heat shrink and cold applied mod kits are also available to seal and rejacket three cable terminations.  200 and 600 AMP elbows are also available from Omni Cable, which are designed to terminate underground cables to high voltage apparatus such as transformers and switchgear.

Low Voltage Splices, Taps, & Photocontrols
Also available from Omni Cable are low voltage splices and taps, as well as photocontrols, timers and accessories.  There is a wide variety of cold applied and heat shrink low voltage splices, as well as gel and roll-on kits for tool free splicing of low voltage wire and cable.  We offer a broad range of photocontrols that meet the requirements for a variety of applications.

Our cable accessories offerings provide electrical distribution with the advantage of local inventory at 12 locations nationwide for fast turnaround on all of your orders.  Contact your account manager for more details on all of our cable accessories.