Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Take advantage of our extensive stock of VFD, Industrial Ethernet, and Fiber Cable

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In the fast-paced world of industrial automation, seamless and reliable connectivity is not just an asset but a necessity. That's why OmniCable has unveiled an enhanced product portfolio designed specifically to support the connectivity needs of the industrial automation industry.

As a premier redistributor specializing in wire, cable, fiber, and other essential communication and electrical products, we understand the pivotal role that communication networks play in driving efficiency and fostering innovation. Our expanded inventory offers an extensive range of fiber and cable solutions from leading manufacturers are specifically tailored for the industrial automation market. In addition, we will be announcing new partnerships to offer essential connectivity products such as patch cords, connectors, Ethernet switches, and more, eventually positioning OmniCable as your all-in-one partner for Industrial Automation solutions


Fiber Optic Cable

Partnering with manufacturers to offer over 200 SKUs of fiber optic cable inventory featuring Corning glass on master reels. 


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VFD Cable

Collaborating with top suppliers for a robust inventory to fulfill just-in-time orders and cutting requirements for VFD cable. 



Industrial Ethernet Cable

Expanded the depth and breadth of our Ethernet cable inventory to facilitate both indoor and outdoor network installations. 


Our program features:

Superior Capabilities

No MOQ, material management, 2M square feet of stocking capacity, and unmatched industry expertise and training.

Customer Solutions 

Superior custom cutting, no cut or reel charges, and no MOQ

Relentless Customer Support

Personalized support, quick responses, and expert assistance that exceeds customer expectation

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Industry Leading Partners:

We have developed partnerships with leading brands to ensure access to the highest-quality products and cutting-edge technology.

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