Understanding the Basics of Tray Cable

Tray Cable ApplicationsTray cable is a cable that can be used in different types of cable tray systems, ranging from fixed wiring within buildings to hazardous locations and factory floors. 


Type TC tray cable is a sturdy cable, approved for both wet and dry environments. It can be used in direct burial applications and is sunlight resistant.


Tray cable is designed for general use in manufacturing, industrial, and commercial distribution systems, as well as in control circuits for the operation and interconnection of signaling and protection devices.

Construction Basics

Tray Cable Group 3• Sizes: #14 AWG - 750 MCM
• Number of Conductors: 3/C - 50/C
• Voltage: 300V or 600V
• Insulation: PVC, XLPE, FR-EPR
• Jacket: PVC, CPE, LSZH

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