Why Purchase Circuit Breakers from OmniCable?


Your customers rely and trust that you will provide them with AUTHENTIC product from an AUTHORIZED source. Unauthorized sources rely on deception and aggressive pricing. Identifying counterfeit and/or refurbished breakers can be extremely difficult, especially relabeled product with unknown damages being sold as new, increasing the risk of injury.

OmniCable is your source for both Eaton® and Square DTM circuit breakers providing electrical distributors with authorized, safe, warranted and traceable products through a single source.

Through this program, you now have access to the following:
1. An extensive inventory of Eaton and Square D circuit breakers ranging from 100 AMP to 2500 AMP frames, various lug kits and accessories
2. Support in the field
3. Technical and engineering expertise
4. Manufacturers’ warranties

OmniCable now sells Eaton® and Square D™ circuit breakers to select electrical distributors, providing them with authorized, safe, and reliable circuit breakers through a single source. OmniCable is an extension of your warehouse with a vast inventory of circuit breakers and accessories. Circuit breakers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and shipped the same day.

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