OmniCable – Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I reach my local OmniCable representative?

    All you have to do is call 800-292-OMNI. Your call will be routed to the OmniCable office that handles the region you are calling from.

  2. Do you provide emergency services?

    Absolutely! OmniCable is available 24/7. Just call 800-292-OMNI.

  3. Can my customer pick up the order at OmniCable?

    Sure, please let OmniCable know who will be picking up the order. To avoid waiting for the material to be processed, please send the PO# to OmniCable prior to your driver arriving.

  4. Can I specify the trucking company that I want OmniCable to use for my shipment?

    Yes, you can specify your carrier on Third Party bill and Collect shipments. Please keep in mind that your shipments may be delayed if the carrier you choose does not have a daily scheduled pick up at the shipping location.

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