Armored Cables

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armored-constructionProduct Overview

For harsh industrial conditions, using the wrong cable can be extremely costly. For some industrial processes, downtime can cost thousands of dollars every minute. There is one simple and easy solution to provide the safety, dependability and reliability to your industrial process, and that is armor. Armored cable provides extreme durability without forfeiting conductivity, and there are armored cables for every situation.

Types of Armored Cable

  • Aluminum Interlocked Armor
  • Continuously Corrugated Weld (CCW)
  • Teck 90


Industrial conditions and harsh environments

How OmniCable Can Help You!

  • We cut custom lengths, offer paralleling, and custom packaging, as well as help with project management.
  • We provide printable armored cable spec sheets on our website.
  • We provide training and education on armored cables.

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