Cable Management

OmniCable’s solutions can help eliminate potential hidden costs!

What is Cable Management?

Coordination of wire and cable bill of materials for a project or job that requires specific services beyond standard supply and demand. Projects that require this type of service can range in size from $50K to $10M.

When Do You Need Cable Management Services?
You may need project management services when you have a large bill of materials, job site logistics and efficiencies, and when managing wire & cable is not your expertise.

OmniCable’s Cable Management Program
OmniCable has been a market leader since its founding in 1977. With 12 locations nationwide and $60M in inventory, we are an extension of your warehouse. OmniCable has vast resources that provide world-class project management solutions for your large long-term projects.

Why Do You Need OmniCable’s Cable Management Services?
Did you know that hidden costs can add up to 15% – 17% of your project costs? OmniCable can help eliminate potential hidden costs to increase project profitability.

  • Long Lead Times - Quick turn around of cut-to-length reels. With 12 locations nationwide & $60M in inventory, we have what you need on hand for same-day shipping. 

  • Additional Shipping - OmniCable consolidates shipments while still following a strict schedule and ships directly to the job site instead of the distributor.

  • Damage - OmniCable eliminates the risk of damage by not storing materials on the job site where they run the risk of being damaged.
  • Pricing - You know your costs for product regardless of the fluctuation of copper. Material is purchased and stored offsite, and you are billed when material ships.
  • Flexibility - OmniCable can change or modify inventory and specifications as needed. We can adjusted quantities throughout the project to reduce surplus material.

  • Labor - Labor costs of moving storage are eliminated when OmniCable schedules material to arrive as needed.

  • Project Delays - OmniCable manages the inventory so there is never material shortage. We also provide technical & engineering support and on-site assistance to help keep the project on track.

  • Theft - Inventory that is stored on site is at risk of theft. OmniCable eliminated that risk by delivering your materials when you need them. No storage necessary!

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