Understanding Automation

AdobeStock_96452879-300x200Automation environments are demanding, and wire and cable needs to be able to perform under the most extreme conditions without the risk of failure. Whether it is an OEM or MRO application, it is vital to provide a solution designed specifically for that application in order to protect your factory, devices, and equipment.

Downtime as a result of failure can be the largest cost, which is why it is important that you use the correct cable in each application to maximize your performance and eliminate the risk of damage.

Below are automation products and their applications.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) >
The need for a broader selection of VFD cables has drastically increased over the last couple of decades, and now there is a solution for every application within your factory. Industrial grade insulations and jackets provide durability when cables may be exposed to oil or high heat, and shielding and grounding systems protect your motors from possible damage from high voltage spikes. VFD cables provide consistent power from your drives to your motors without interference.

Instrumentation & Control Cables >
Similar to that of VFD cables, instrumentation & control cables come with a variety of shielding options to ensure consistency in harsh environments that are susceptible to interference. Many of these cables are also engineered to handle high-flexing and continuous-flexing applications, providing a durable and long-lasting solution for your application.

Industrial Ethernet & Communication Cables >
Cables within a factory environment must be able to tolerate a wide range of temperatures, increased electrical interference, and be susceptible to vibration, which standard ethernet cables are not designed to withstand. Automation applications also require real-time control and the need for uninterrupted data communication. Industrial ethernet cables were designed specifically to provide smooth data transmission in these harsh environments.

Portable Cord >
Portable cord is designed to be flexible in a wide temperature range. They are extremely sturdy, and are oil- and chemical-resistant , making them a reliable choice for many demanding automation applications.

Tray Cables >
Tray cables have also evolved over the years to meet the increased needs for options. Specifying the correct tray cable for your application ensures reliability of your equipment, while meeting all of the performance and safety requirements. OmniCable stocks a full line of all tray cables with a variety of jackets & insulations, shielding options, as well as low-smoke zero-halogen.

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