VITALink® Vertically

Are you installing long vertical lengths of large, continuous length feeder cables in high rise buildings? For 2-hour fire rated applications, specify and use the most trusted brand in the market — VITALink® MC.

When cabling a high rise structure, the National Electric Code (NEC) calls out specific installation methods for long vertical runs (per Table 300.19A). The NEC directs the installer to provide supports at specific distances depending on the size of the cables, some as frequently as every 40 feet. It can become labor intensive and costly to install offsets or conductor supports.

Also, the need for installing additional offsets or supports takes away valuable space in the riser where cables are run VITALink® MC Cables are designed with the technology to provide the fire safety for the product because of additional support between the conductors and the armor to prevent cable pull out during long vertical installations. VITALink® MC is UL Listed to UL 2196 for 2 hours and approved for use in your longest vertical runs.

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