VITALink® MC Power Cable

Product Overview

VITALink® MC power cable is listed by UL as 2-hour fire rated when installed in accordance with RSCC installation procedures and system listings. This cable meets the requirements of an “Electrical Circuit Protective System” as referred to in Articles 695 and 700 of the 2-Hour National Electrical Code (NEC). The details of this system appear in Electrical Circuit Integrity System (FHIT), System No. 120 of the UL Fire Resistance Directory.


The power cable supports the following critical systems:

  • Fire Pump Feeders
  • Emergency Generator Feeders

Finding Opportunities

  • Identify contractors who perform this type of work in your market area.
  • See a crane, stop the car!
  • Call OmniCable and have the following handy: project name, general contractor, electrical contractor and bid/buy information.
  • We will provide you with pricing/lead time specifications.
  • We will provide you with technical resources around specification/design/application.

How OmniCable Can Help You!

We can provide training/education on these cables through OmniCable Lunch and Learns, and we have a dedicated internal resource to help with your questions.

Access OmniCable’s VITALink® MC Power Cable flyer.

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