Unlocking Armored Cable Opportunities

Using the proper Armored Cable in a harsh environment is critical to maximize productivity, avoid the cost of repairs and replacements, and most importantly, eliminate possible downtime.

  • Aluminum Interlocked Armor
    Markets: Pulp & paper mills, Mines, Industrial plants
    Available in 600 Volt, 2.4kV, 5kV, 15kV, and 25kV
  • Continuously Corrugated Weld (CCW)
    Markets: Offshore production platforms, Refineries, Natural gas facilities, Petrochemical processing mills, Mines, Hazardous locations
    Available in 300 Volt, 600 Volt, 2.4kV, 5kV, 15kV
  • Teck 90
    Markets: Pulp & paper mills, Mines
    Available in 600 Volt and 1,000 Volt

Where to Find Jobs & Why to Sell
WHERE can you find MV jobs? Harsh industrial conditions.

WHY sell these cables? The above are typically large projects and provide an excellent opportunity for pull-through business because these cables are installed in the early phases of a project.

How OmniCable Can Help You!

  • We cut custom lengths, stock many variations, as well as offer custom packaging and help with project management.
  • We provide printable Armored Cable spec sheets on our website.

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