Education & Empowerment at the Philadelphia Women in Leadership Symposium

On Friday, March 1, 2019, OmniCable’s women employee-owners attended the 2019 Philadelphia Women in Leadership Symposium in celebration of Women’s History Month and to support fellow employee-owner Cora Walker, VP of Human Resources, who was a panelist at the conference. WomenSympOmniCable

The 2019 Philadelphia Women in Leadership Symposium brings successful women leaders together to discuss and educate women on issues affecting their professional and personal lives. “These gatherings are a venue where women from different backgrounds meet and empower each other through their stories and experiences,” said Sarah Martin, OmniCable Product Manager. “I love that OmniCable gives us the opportunity to attend these events. We not only bring back so much knowledge, but we have the opportunity to bond with our other female employee-owners that we don’t get to interact with every day,” added Laura Osifat, OmniCable Account Manager.

At the symposium, OmniCable employee-owners attended a panelist session of five women leaders and various workshops. “I think it is important for women to gather and discuss ALL issues! Women have different experiences and different perspectives than men,” said Walker.

“For far too long women have been competitive with one another in a way that does not inspire nor promote our capabilities. Gathering women together to promote equality and discuss opportunities to build each other up and help each other out means a better circumstance for all women and in turn, for all people. Our power comes from our performance and capabilities – we have to work together to ensure there is opportunity” she added.

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