Hook-Up Wire

Hook up wire
Hook-up wire is a small to medium gauge, solid or stranded, insulated wire, used for making internal connection inside electrical or electronic devices, and is often tinned to facilitate soldering. Omni Cable has the hook-up wire needed for a broad range of applications. Our hook-up wire comes in a variety of insulations that meet your needs for temperature, wear and abrasion, electrical performance, and resistance to oil, solvents and chemicals.

Depending on your application, the insulation material has a big impact. PVC insulation provides good abrasion and flame resistance, Cross-linked PVC offers even better abrasion and cut-through resistance, and Cross-linked polyethylene offers a higher temperature rating. Teflon has a higher temperature rating and excellent chemical and solvent resistance

Our hook-up wire also meets UL, CSA, and Mil-spec compliances. Whether you are looking for UL 1283 for electromagnetic interference, or UL 1569 for lower voltage applications, Omni Cable has the hook-up wire that suits your needs.

Omni Cable stocks a variety of hook-up wire sizes, constructions, and jacket colors, so contact your account manager today for more information.