Belden VFD Cable

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Omni Cable stocks Belden’s extensive line of VFD cables to meet your needs for product integrity.

Belden’s VFD cables were specially designed to effectively handle high voltage spikes, which can damage the cable, motor, bearings, drives and related equipment.  Its ER rating allows for the elimination of conduit for easier and less expensive installations, and they are impervious to harsh conditions, eliminating downtime due to cable failure.

Belden VFD cables deliver top performance in any type of environment.  Belden’s thicker, industrial-grade XLPE insulation provides low capacitance to extend motor life, reduce the likelihood of corona discharge, reduce the magnitude of standing waves, and increase efficiency of power transfer.  The ground and shielding system minimizes radiated and conducted noise that can disrupt plant control and instrumentation systems.  Industrial-grade PVC jackets provide sunlight- and oil-resistance.  Halorrest jackets are also available as a LSZH option.

Omni Cable stocks a full line of Belden VFD cables. For for information on Belden VFD cable, click HERE to view Belden’s VFD brochure.