Omni Cable Stocking Aluminum Building Wire Nationwide

Omni Cable is proud to announce the expansion of its aluminum products to include aluminum building wire nationwide.

“Omni Cable is excited to continue our product expansion efforts. In the past, Omni Cable’s aluminum cable offering focused mainly on the URD 600V & 15kV triplex and quadraplex cables. To compliment this product line, we have added a full line of color aluminum XHHW, MC aluminum feeder, and mobile home feeder cables,” said Greg Donato, Omni Cable’s Chief Operation Officer (COO). “With these added products, we are confident that we can meet our customers’ aluminum requirements and provide the excellent service and technical resources that our customers are accustomed to,” he added.

Omni Cable’s aluminum building wire product offerings include:

  • XHHW wire
  • Feeder MC cable
  • Service entrance cable
  • Secondary underground distribution cable
  • Mobile home feeder cable

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